About me

Who I Am

My name is David Flemström, and I am currently situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

What I do

I’m currently working as a Staff Engineer at Spotify building content metadata things.

I am an avid technology enthusiast. Technology subjects that I care a lot about include:

  • Development of scalable high-performance backend services; especially tuning Java programs to their extremes.
  • Programming languages; understanding them from the ground up, and their ins and outs.
  • Purely functional programming such as using Haskell.
  • Low level/embedded high-performance programs using Rust/C/C++.
  • Modern FRP-style web development in the style of React+Redux and leveraging technologies like WebAssembly for event-driven cross-language interop.

In my spare time, I do a lot of rock climbing, singing and playing music, cooking, plant growing, and discussing philosophy with unsuspecting passers-by.